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Care Bears Alpha

one for all and all for one, we live together,play together, The CARE BEARS have the BEST camaraderie you could ever want

Team Name: Care Bears Alpha

NSPL Division: Div 4

Team Location: BRISTOL

Training Ground: Max Events Oxford, Plan B reballing centre

Web Site: www.care-bears-uk.com

Our History:
Brand new at tournys, but this is where it counts, we will do our best to enhance our gamesmanship, as BLUEY says everybody that was and is , . . . . .ARE SPECIAL

Our Approach to the Game:
to follow the CAPTAINS word without contestation

Current Sponsors: BZ Paintball, Warped, Max Events, Lips

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Jon Palmer "Plum"

CARE BEARS ALPHA for life . . . Working hard as co-op CAPTAIN, being a CAPTAIN is not as easy as you would think, but if we work hard we could . . . . . . ... ROCK the WORLD

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John Gollop ---"Spence"
Tom Luscombe ( WAKO )
Jon Palmer "Plum"
Will Smith "Fuzzy"
Geordie Bulmer

2009 NSPL Season Results

Played in NSPL Division: 4

Team NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7 TotalFinal Position
Care Bears Alpha04 / -1204 / -1201 / -30---- 09 / -5415th

2008 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2008 NSPL Season.

2007 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2007 NSPL Season.

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