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Samurai MV

Newly formed in 2007 in memory of Martin Vipas.

Team Name: Samurai MV

NSPL Division: Div 3

Team Location: London

Training Ground: Dartford / Bricketwood

Web Site: http://www.samuraipaintball.com

Our History:

Our Approach to the Game:

Current Sponsors: LiPs www.lipspaintball.com

NSPL 2009: Round Three 2009, 3rd Place NSPL 2009: Round Five 2009, 2nd Place 

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Ben Wood

MV Captain! Stop Your Whinning!!!

To find out more about this team captain, click here.

Petros Valiantis
Ben Wood
Scott Owen
Dean Hinshelwood

2009 NSPL Season Results

Played in NSPL Division: 4

Team NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7 TotalFinal Position
Samurai MV Rage-09 / -616 / 515 / 1121 / 2112 / 3- 73 / 344th

2008 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2008 NSPL Season.

2007 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2007 NSPL Season.

For previous year's results, please see our main Rankings page.

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