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CPC Militia

9 woodsballers brought out of the woods in 2008, spent 6 months landscaping there own training field in the corner of some woods, trained for a whole year, after that year from the 9 remain 6 best friends. 6 of the most unthreatening misfit players you'll ever meet. if your reading this, dont be scared, we're rubbish! and we all shoot pumps

Team Name: CPC Militia

NSPL Division: Div 3

Team Location: The Four Corners of Kent

Training Ground: Militia Training Field, CPC Training Field Tonbridge and Loaded

Web Site: http://paintballpimp.co.uk/cpcmilitia

Our History:
2008 team was formed, 2009 team started training and winning cpc events, 2010 team came 1st at all koth events (bar 2), and won koth league with highest koth score EVER recorded. 2010 team came mid table at federation cup, 2011 team came 1st at CPC winter series, 2011 team won Div1 Southern Masters Round 1

Our Approach to the Game:
Never shout "peyowwn, peyowwn, peyowwn" turns out the paintball guns make the noises themselves??? seriously, ethos; play hard, have fun, promote honest paintball (without being douchey about it). as you can tell have'nt written a proper ethos yet.

Current Sponsors: Just Paintball, Quantum Paintball and Paintballpimp.co.uk

NSPL 2011 - Round One 2011, 2nd Place NSPL 2011 - Round Two 2011, 1st Place NSPL 2011 - Round Four 2011, 3rd Place NSPL 2011 - Round Six 2011, 1st Place 

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CPC Militia Wrote:
Wow, these guys are so hot right now!
Received on: 2011-02-15 19:14:18
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Richard Neale (Captainb!tchslap)

Ball buster

To find out more about this team captain, click here.

Richard Neale (Captainb!tchslap)
Aaron Farmer (Azlan)
Andrew Hewitt (Drewitt)
Chris Hewitt (Chewitt)
Brian Wood (Brizzle)

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