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As paintball matures as a sport, the requirement for proper Paintball Clubs is becoming ever more apparent. Teams need help and Paintball Clubs can provide a lifeline that can mean the difference between early retirement and success.

Clubs can help:

  • Provide a larger Pool of Players
  • Act as a Safety Net to improve Continuity of Teams
  • Offer Mass-Buy Savings on Paintballs and Equipment
  • Provide a healthy, more fun Social Environment
  • Encourage Team/Club/Regional Pride and Competition
  • Give players One Voice and a forum for Discussion and Development
  • Organise Training, Social Events, Clinics and more

For tournament paintball to have a healthy future, teams need to join together to form Clubs that will provide the above benefits and much more.

This process has already begun with pilot schemes being run in several areas of the UK already, led by industry members. Less official Clubs have also started to develop in the form of "super-teams" consisting of several squads, competing at varying levels within the sport.

The NSPL itself is backing a Pilot Scheme in Devon and views the efforts of this scheme to be vital for the success and regrowth of tournament paintball within the South West region.

The league is also part of discussions with the wider industry in an effort to kick-start a more official and nationwide development of Paintball Clubs.

We are also encouraging more Clubs to form and develop within the Divisions of the NSPL and are happy to discuss the development of a Club with any of our teams, captains or players.

Contact us for more information and join the drive to save our sport!

Or visit the Devon Paintball Club web site.

Paintball Clubs: The Future?

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