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Each team that participates in an NSPL event will earn points towards their season rankings. All six results for each team will be used to calculate final positions at the end of the season.

Team-ranking points are earned at each event in the form of the team's Score and Elimination Difference (ED) from each event:

Teams shall receive ranking points in the current season equal to the aggregate of the points earned at those tournaments in which such teams participated.

NSPL 2007 Rankings

Rankings are updated after every NSPL event. We try to update them within a couple of days after each event, so check back soon if the latest event's scores are yet to be added...

At the end of the NSPL 2011 season, the Division 2 final rankings look like this...

Team NameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6TotalPosition