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This season of the NSPL consists of four ranking events, all held at our incredible Reading venue.

Using this web page, you can find out all the info you need about each of these events and even book your team in on-line.

Spaces will be limited. We will require teams to book in, paying a £100 deposit, by March 1st. If, by March 1st, we have not filled our divisions to our minimum requirements, the events will not run and the league will take a break for the remainder of 2012. This would be announced on March 1st so everyone has plenty of forewarning. However, we are confident we can hit our minimum requirements.

The full Entry Fee will then be due at each event, rolling the deposit on to secure your team's place in the subsequent event until the last event of the season where your deposit will be returned to you. If your team misses an event, your deposit will be forfeit and your place in all the remaining events will be offered to teams on our waiting list.

We are expecting teams to play the whole season! As it stands, at four events, we do not consider this to be too much to ask for.

NSPL 2010 Fixtures
Round One: Reading, 1st April 2012
It's no joke, we are kick starting our thirteenth season on April Fools Day! Woooaaahhh! Keep your fingers crossed and don't walk under any ladders if you are the superstitious type and we'll hopefully see you safe and sound in That Field in Reading on April 1st.

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Round Two: Reading, 13th May 2012
A sunny May weekend and the Berskshire countryside... overpowered by the sound of gunfire as we get round two of the 2012 season underway.

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Round Three: Reading, 8th July 2012
The first of our mid-summer fixtures of the year and we're promising you an awesome weekend with camping, drinking games, bbq's, girls... oh, and some amazing paintball as a kinda cool sideshow.

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Round Four: Reading, 19th August 2012
The grand finale. If we make it to here then we are sure to have breathed some life back in to the southern tournament paintball scene and the conclusion to the 2012 season will herald in an unbeatable 2013... we'll make sure this event is extra special to thank you all for your support.

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