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The high-quality of event provision, promotion and adminstration that the NSPL is providing this season would not be possible without the support of our sponsors.

The companies listed below have the foresight to see that supporting domestic tournaments such as the NSPL events means supporting the UK Tournament Scene as a whole. Their support also demonstrates their belief in the NSPL and its continuing drive to push the sporting side of paintball forward in the South of the UK.

Please thank our sponsors by taking the time out to visit their web site, purchase their products and visit their trade stalls. Let's show them that supporting the NSPL is truly appreciated and that we want them stick around for some time to come!

NSPL Sponsors

NatWest Bank
Personal, private, business and commercial banking solutions. Tel: 0800 200 400. Web: www.natwest.com

Paintball Warehouse
PB Warehouse operates a store online and in Devon, offering a wide range of paintball products and attend all NSPL events with their trade stand. Trained DYE and Proto tech.

Tel: 01626 833 200. Web: www.paintballwarehouse.co.uk

Flying Colours
Bumper scuffs, paint scratches, chipped bonnets, damaged windscreens are just some of the irritating repairs you have to sort out. Inside the car can be just as aggravating – cigarette burns, leather scratches or car kit holes. Traditional repairs can be slow and expensive. Replacements can be even more costly. That’s why the demand for SMART repairs is rapidly growing as new techniques are continually outperforming traditional repair methods. All the above problems can be solved using Flying Colours' unique SMART repair processes. Tel: 01675 471 150. Web: www.dentwizard.co.uk/flying.html

PJM Valeting Limited
Everyone needs their car valeting and PJM Valeting Limited are experts in the field. PJM can cater with a wide range of needs from valeting individuals vehicles to whole fleets. Contact the NSPL for more info.

DYE Europe
DYE Manufacture the best paintball products and markers in the world and back it up with unrivalled customer service. Tel: 0208 649 6330. Web: www.dyepaintball.com/uk

Proto Paintball
Manufacturers of paintball products and markers of the highest quality at the right price. Tel: 0208 649 6330. Web: www.protopaintball.com/uk

Draxxus and Manic Paintball
Manic Paintball are the UK distributor for the entire range of Draxxus Paintballs. Draxxus paintballs are available at all NSPL events and are given out as prizes too. Tel: 0845 456 6 581. Web: www.manicpaintball.co.uk

Planet Eclipse
Planet Eclipse manufacture the popular Ego paintball marker and a huge variety of other Eclipse products including hard parts and soft goods. They also operate a well stocked on-line store selling a huge variety of tournament paintball products. Tel: 0161 872 5572 . Web: www.planeteclipse.com

Paintball Pictures
Captain by the famous Ray Ko, Paintball Pictures cover all NSPL events and produce some amazing material. This man's work is truly art - don't rip him off! Buy these photos! Tel: N/a . Web: www.paintballpictures.co.uk

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