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This part of our web site display details about each and every NSPL team. Teams are listed in two categories for easier reference: active and inactive. Team Profiles have also received new updates including sponsor logos, awards and trophies, game history and messaging. Have fun.

You will need to use this web page to register your team, register your players, manage your mini-site and to keep a close eye on your competition. Remember, all NSPL teams and players must be registered this season, so get yourself familiarised with this area of the web site.

All NSPL teams must be registered on this web site. To register your team, please click here.


NSPL Teams Active in the 2010 Season

All active teams registered in Division One are listed below...

 Demolition Squad (Worthing, W,Sussex)Edit Profile
 UK Outrage (United Kingdom)Edit Profile
 London Nexus (London)Edit Profile
 London Tigers (London)Edit Profile
 Fusion ()Edit Profile
 London Tigers Bengal (London)Edit Profile
 Relentless Kidz (London)Edit Profile
 Shockwave (London)Edit Profile
 AGG Factory (London)Edit Profile
 xLearyy (birmingham)Edit Profile
 Essex Spartans (Chelmsford)Edit Profile

All active teams registered in Division Two are listed below...

 Bath Corrupt (Bath)Edit Profile
 Guildford Elite (Dirty South)Edit Profile
 Team KINETIC (Southwest UK)Edit Profile
 Snatch (Taunton)Edit Profile
 Impact (LONDON)Edit Profile
 Samurai (London)Edit Profile
 Bristol Addiction (Bristol)Edit Profile
 Nolimit Bridgend (Bridgend, South Wales)Edit Profile
 NA Angels (Newton Abbot)Edit Profile
 Relentless (South Coast)Edit Profile
 Mayhem Knights (Essex)Edit Profile
 Freekz (The South)Edit Profile
 UK Preds (London)Edit Profile
 MK Storm (Milton Keynes)Edit Profile
 HPG Halloween (Essex )Edit Profile
 London Tigers 2 (London)Edit Profile
 Maidenhead Trauma (Maidenhead ish)Edit Profile
 London Hazard (Central London)Edit Profile
 Evil Saints (Newport)Edit Profile
 Team XS (Scattered to the winds)Edit Profile
 Broken (The South West)Edit Profile
 Tempest (All over)Edit Profile
 Team Rampage (South)Edit Profile
 Conspiracy ()Edit Profile
 ECI Veterans (D7s)Edit Profile
 Akurei DOW (Really dont know. Please let me know if you find them.)Edit Profile
 BZ (North East)Edit Profile
 Shock 2 (London)Edit Profile
 Dynamic ()Edit Profile
 DV8 Black (North East)Edit Profile
 Scrambled Eggs (Reading)Edit Profile
 London Tigers Siberian (London)Edit Profile
 Relentless-Khaos (Portsmouth)Edit Profile
 Quake (South UK)Edit Profile
 |Unknown| (North East, Sunderland)Edit Profile
 TEAM Kinetic - Force (Southwest UK)Edit Profile
 London Fearless (London)Edit Profile
 Woodnook Wizards (Woodnook)Edit Profile
 Urban Legendz (North East)Edit Profile
 SPECIAL.ASSAULT.SQUADRON (S.A.S) (North East, Sunderland)Edit Profile
 DELETE THIS TEAM ()Edit Profile
 Fix Bayonettes! ()Edit Profile
 Double Vision (Bath)Edit Profile

All active teams registered in Division Three are listed below...

 Topcats (London)Edit Profile
 Surrey Snakes (Guildford)Edit Profile
 Sabotage (Milton Keynes)Edit Profile
 TITANS (London)Edit Profile
 Dyslexic Brians (Reading)Edit Profile
 Uk Blaze (Bedfordshire, Sandy)Edit Profile
 Demolition Squad Youngins (Worthing)Edit Profile
 Touching Cloth (Oxford)Edit Profile
 Redskins A (Essex)Edit Profile
 Ghostbillies (South West)Edit Profile
 Cool As Ice (Cornwall)Edit Profile
 Plan B (Oxfordshire)Edit Profile
 MH2 or Possibly MH3 (Llanddewi-Brefi and LPG)Edit Profile
 Reign of Fire (Weston-S-Mare)Edit Profile
 Maidenhead Trauma Army (hampshire,,berkshire and surrey)Edit Profile
 Pompey Uni (Portsmouth University)Edit Profile
 London Defiance 2 ( Hydra ) (London and South East)Edit Profile
 GBH **FOLDED** (Surrey / Sussex)Edit Profile
 Unknown ()Edit Profile
 Resurrection (Cambridgeshire)Edit Profile
 Samurai MV (London)Edit Profile
 Rats (Basingstoke)Edit Profile
 Jersey Warriors Blue (Jersey)Edit Profile
 CPC Regulators (Medway and Maidstone)Edit Profile
 Exeter All The Gear No Idea (Exeter)Edit Profile
 GBH Exile (Surrey/Sussex)Edit Profile
 UK Marshals (North London)Edit Profile
 Maximus (Netherlands/Almere)Edit Profile
 Team KINETIC (Pulse) (Devon and Cornwall)Edit Profile
 Fraternity (South of England)Edit Profile
 London Mayhem (London/Essex)Edit Profile
 Uwe Insidious ()Edit Profile
 CARE BEARS (South of England)Edit Profile
 MOOB (london)Edit Profile
 RAGE (Oxfordshire)Edit Profile
 Stealth (Essex)Edit Profile
 CPC Militia (The Four Corners of Kent)Edit Profile
 The Exterminators Paintball Team UK (Plymouth)Edit Profile
 CounterStrike (North East, Sunderland)Edit Profile
 UNTOUCHABLES (Kent/Surrey)Edit Profile
 Battle Tested (North East, Sunderland)Edit Profile

All active teams registered in Division Four are listed below...

 Mindful Violence (Hampshire, mostly)Edit Profile
 Care Bears Bravo (WILTSHIRE)Edit Profile
 Sabotage Mixie (Milton Keynes)Edit Profile
 Cool As Ice Blue (Cornwall)Edit Profile
 Redskins B (Essex)Edit Profile
 UWE Underdogs (Bristol)Edit Profile
 Deathwish (Coulsdon)Edit Profile
 NO TEAM ()Edit Profile
 S.P.L.A.T (Sunderland)Edit Profile
 S.P.L.A.T (United Kingdom)Edit Profile
 Samurai CPC (London)Edit Profile
 Care Bears Alpha (BRISTOL)Edit Profile
 Team Deathwish (Croydon)Edit Profile
 Plan B Kids (Oxford)Edit Profile
 Escarmouche Bad Company (Belfast, NI)Edit Profile
 Renegades (South West)Edit Profile
 Wycombe Botch ()Edit Profile
 South West Unknown A (South West)Edit Profile
 GBH Onslaught (Surrey/Sussex)Edit Profile
 D.P.M (Caerphilly)Edit Profile
 Korrupt Killers ()Edit Profile
 Ronin (Surrey, London )Edit Profile
 Demolition Squad Youngins 2 (All over)Edit Profile
 The Kent Regulators (Medway and surrounding kent towns.)Edit Profile
 Hawks Natural Predators (Essex)Edit Profile
 London Hazard South (Central London)Edit Profile
 Alpha 1 (Hereford)Edit Profile
 London Pulse (London)Edit Profile
 Samurai Rage (London)Edit Profile
 Fraggles (Fraggle rock)Edit Profile
 jesters (essex)Edit Profile
 Kent Militia (kent)Edit Profile
 Plymouth Pirates (Plymouth)Edit Profile
 Scraesdon Warriors (Plymouth)Edit Profile
 Chaotic Rampage (South)Edit Profile
 Mayhem Mantis (London/Essex)Edit Profile
 Watford Reformed (Watford)Edit Profile
 academy49 (Hereford)Edit Profile
 STD (Uk wide)Edit Profile
 London Riot (Reading)Edit Profile
 London Mayhem 2 (Essex)Edit Profile
 Shooters United (London)Edit Profile
 Urban Legendz (Sunderland)Edit Profile
 Wild Boyz (Sunderland, North East)Edit Profile
 Biohazard (North East, Sunderland)Edit Profile
 Natural Born Shooters (ashford)Edit Profile
 Crawley crusaders (Crawley,west Sussex)Edit Profile

In-Active NSPL Teams

In-active teams registered in Division One are listed below...

 NSPL Team (NSPL HQ)Edit Profile
 Heaven (London)Edit Profile
 DXS Effect (London & Southeast)Edit Profile

In-active teams registered in Division Two are listed below...

 Worthing Halloween (Worthing)Edit Profile
 CARE BEARS ()Edit Profile
 Freekz Army (Eastleigh)Edit Profile
 Freekz Navy (Eastleigh)Edit Profile

In-active teams registered in Division Three are listed below...

 Portsmouth Uni ( Portsmouth)Edit Profile
 Prime (London)Edit Profile
 Scorpions Blue (Watford)Edit Profile
 London Halloween (Essex)Edit Profile
 Newport Numptys (Newport)Edit Profile
 Stealth (Hertfordshire)Edit Profile
 Kent Juggernauts (Kent)Edit Profile
 SexLife (UK)Edit Profile
 T.O.G.s ()Edit Profile
 No Pressure (South West, Cheltenham, uk)Edit Profile

In-active teams registered in Division Four are listed below...

 Oxford Immortals ()Edit Profile
 Verge (Bagshot)Edit Profile
 Watford Instinkt ()Edit Profile
 Deadly Sins (Kent)Edit Profile
 In2Deep (Basingstoke/Hampshire)Edit Profile
 Gun Driven Kids (South East)Edit Profile
 Deceased ()Edit Profile
 Xile (Swansea -South Wales)Edit Profile
 NSK (Bournemouth)Edit Profile
 Snatchlings (Taunton)Edit Profile
 Portsmouth Freshers (Portsmouth)Edit Profile
 Anarchy Kids (Kent, Surrey and BIGGIN HILL)Edit Profile
 Shurdington Snipers (Cheltenham)Edit Profile
 Portsmouth Pyrates ()Edit Profile
 Southsea Spartans (Southsea, Portsmouth)Edit Profile
 UWE Binmen (Bristol)Edit Profile
 Wycombe Raptors (High Wycombe)Edit Profile
 Bournemouth Eviscerate (Bournemouth)Edit Profile
 Para Bellum - Aquila (Milton Keynes)Edit Profile
 NSK YoungGunz ()Edit Profile
 KamiKazi Crew (Bournemouth)Edit Profile
 Kriegsaffen (TAUNTON !!!!!)Edit Profile
 University Barbarians ()Edit Profile
 TopCats Pussies ()Edit Profile
 MT Army (Maidenhead)Edit Profile
 Team Egg (hereford)Edit Profile
 Swindon Dolly (swindon)Edit Profile
 Spawn of Satan (SoS) (South-East UK)Edit Profile
 The Bristol 6 (Chepstow)Edit Profile
 Jesters (Essex)Edit Profile
 The Unknown (South Devon)Edit Profile
 A.P. Havoc 2 (Tonbridge, Kent.)Edit Profile
 The Janners (plymouth)Edit Profile
 TM6.5 (Taunton)Edit Profile
 Skirmish Am (South West)Edit Profile
 SE2 ()Edit Profile
 Exeter Skirmish Scratch ()Edit Profile
 London Highgate (North West London)Edit Profile
 Richmond Raptors (Surrey)Edit Profile

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