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The NSPL will continue to use the Millennium rules for the 2012 season. At the time of writing, the Millennium have not released a new set of rules for 2012, so we will be using the 2006 release until further notice.

We urge all players to download and study this rule set as there are differences from previous year's NSPL rules.

You can download the Millennium rules in PDF format, directly from this web site:

Millennium Series Rules

Millennium Rules

Notes on Millennium Rules
The NSPL reserves the right to make ammendments to the rules provided at any time. Any such ammendments will be published here.

The following exceptions are applied to the published Millennium rulebook for the 2010 NSPL season...

  • Everything up to section "8: Referees hand signals" should be read with common sense and baring in mind that there are differences between the NSPL and Millennium's format and administration procedures. Everything on www.nspl.co.uk superseeds the rule book and should you have any concerns, please contact us for clarification.
  • 9.02. Disregard the rule on players not being allowed to have the colour orange in their uniform.
  • 10.09. Disregard the rule about stickers not being allowed on goggle systems.
  • 11.10. Disregard the rule about stickers on markers not being allowed to contain the colour orange.
  • 12.01. Disregard the rule about clear hoppers not being allowed.
  • 13.01. Disregard the rule about orange equipment not being allowed. Disregard the rule about pink paint fills not being allowed, though red is banned.
  • 14.01. Disregard the rule about paintballs having to be purchased on site.
  • 14.02. Disregard the rule about pink paint fills not being allowed, though red is banned.
  • 21.01. Disregard.


  • Offensive stickers, etc must not be used at NSPL event from now on. This includes stickers of a sexual nature.
  • Penalties for rule infractions have been dramatically increased this year and refs have a lot more power. Make sure you have read the rules and understand them and don't moan when you break them and are gioven penalties up to and including being suspended from the league.

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