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To register your team with the NSPL, please fill out the forum below. Please note that the information you provide here will be used to create your team's mini-site, so the more the better. You will be able to add more details and edit this information later.

Once you have registered your team, you must then register all of your players as well. Instructions on how to do this are provided on the next page.

Register Your Team Help
Team Name: Your team's name.
Team Password: This password will be used by ALL your team members.
Team Division: Select your division. Note: Div 1 is M7 Format Only.
Team Logo URL: The URL location of your Team Logo on the web.
Team Background URL: The URL location of your Team Background wallpaper on the web.
Team Description: Describe your team.
Team History: Some details about past performances.
Team Ethos: How does your team approach the sport?
Team Location: A town or city where your team is based.
Team Training Ground: Where does your team train?
Team Website: The URL of your team web site.
Team Sponsors: What sponsors does your team have?
Security Question: Please enter the name of the sport your team plays.

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