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**THE END OF 2010 SIGNALS THE END FOR THE G.B.H FACTORY SQUAD, WITH SOME PLAYERS MOVING ON AND SOME TAKING A STEP BACK. WE WISH TINY THE BEST OF LUCK AT SHOCK II & KEITH THE BEST OF LUCK WITH LONDON TIGERS II** A strong team, with as much old skool talent as there is nu skl, Constantly pushing ourselves to be the best, the captain wants nothing less than eveyone being on top of the game. GBH, we never have a problem finishing business.

Team Name: GBH **FOLDED**

NSPL Division: Div 3

Team Location: Surrey / Sussex

Training Ground: SPC / Bricket Wood

Web Site: http://www.team-gbh.co.uk

Our History:
Muppet mowing since June'08, The Team formed in June 2008, and were originally a woodsball team, since then we have branched out into most areas of the sport. 2009 saw GBH take 1st in NSPL Division 4 and 2nd at the FED cup ___________

Our Approach to the Game:
Keep it cool and sock that fool

Current Sponsors: Photobucket

NSPL 2009: Round Two 2009, 3rd Place NSPL 2009: Round Three 2009, 1st Place NSPL 2009: Round Four 2009, 2nd Place NSPL 2009: Round Five 2009, 1st Place NSPL 2009: Round Six 2009, 3rd Place NSPL 2010 - Round One 2010, 1st Place NSPL 2010 - Round Two 2010, 2nd Place NSPL 2010 - Round Three 2010, 1st Place NSPL 2010 - Round Five 2010, 1st Place NSPL 2010 - Round Six 2010, 1st Place 

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Broken Wrote:
Hey GBH Red, can we organise it with Syd so we actually get to play you, at round 5! we need to get rid of this friendly tension =] all the best Broken
Received on: 2009-06-22 13:39:01
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No team captain is currently assigned to this team!

Tim Nadim
Chris Chong
Gabriel Stroud
Gary Henderson

2009 NSPL Season Results

Played in NSPL Division: 4

Team NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7 TotalFinal Position
GBH Red-15 / 1321 / 2418 / 1424 / 2715 / 12- 93 / 901st

2008 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2008 NSPL Season.

2007 NSPL Season Results

We have no results for this team from the 2007 NSPL Season.

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