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Welcome to today's LIVE WEB CAST!

NSPL 2009: Round One - Live Coverage

Today, the NSPL is broadcasting live coverage of it's NSPL 2009: Round One event to the world via this web site. We will be keeping you up to date with all the action, including all the latest game results, photos of the action, and written commentary.

You can also check out a list of all the teams attending this event and find out more information about them.

This service is completely free. If you like it, please let us know on the NSPL Forums and be sure to let all your fellow 'ballers know about this service.

Attending Teams

NSPL Live Web Casts

All Division One teams playing this event are listed below...

There were no Division One teams in attendance at this event.

All Division Two teams playing this event are listed below...

Reign of Fire
NA Angels
Guildford Elite
Bristol Addiction

All Division Three teams playing this event are listed below...

Demolition Squad Youngins
Cool As Ice

All Division Four teams playing this event are listed below

London Hazard
UWE Underdogs
Care Bears Alpha
South West Unknown A
Care Bears Bravo

Webcast Features

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Live Updates

The scores for this event are shown below. Points are awarded to teams depending on their performance in each game...

Divisions One and Two: 1 point for a match win, 0 for a loss.
Divisions Three and Four: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a flag in transit, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

Teams are also awarded Elimination Difference (ED) points for each game - the value of this depends on the number of players/points they lose during that game and the number of players/points they win by.

Positions are determined by the value of Game Points and EDs.

Division One

Team NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8ScoreEDPosition

Division Two

Team NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8ScoreEDPosition
Team KINETIC 3 / 43 / 20 / -30 / -40 / -43 / 30 / -13 / 3 12 0 3
Reign of Fire0 / -40 / -33 / 30 / -20 / -40 / -23 / 13 / 3 9 -8 5
NA Angels3 / 20 / -30 / -33 / 43 / 33 / 50 / -20 / -3 12 3 2
Snatch3 / 43 / 23 / 23 / 33 / 43 / 23 / 23 / 4 24 23 1
Guildford Elite0 / -20 / -43 / 30 / -33 / 40 / -53 / 20 / -3 9 -2 4
Bristol Addiction0 / -43 / 40 / -33 / 30 / -30 / -30 / -20 / -4 6 -12 6

Division Three

Team NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8ScoreEDPosition
Demolition Squad Youngins0 / -53 / 20 / 00 / -20 / -41 / 00 / -50 / -3 4 -15 6
Cool As Ice3 / 53 / 50 / -43 / 33 / 20 / -23 / 53 / 5 18 19 1

Division Four

Team NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8ScoreEDPosition
London Hazard 3 / 23 / 10 / -53 / 43 / 43 / 13 / 30 / -1 18 9 3
UWE Underdogs0 / -12 / 00 / 33 / -33 / 13 / 53 / 13 / 3 17 9 4
Care Bears Alpha0 / -20 / -30 / -33 / 40 / -21 / 00 / -30 / -3 4 -12 5
South West Unknown A0 / -30 / -20 / -40 / -40 / -53 / 20 / -20 / -5 3 -23 7
Care Bears Bravo3 / 33 / 33 / 43 / 20 / -10 / -13 / 23 / 3 18 15 2

Prepare for Launch
Year X: The Beginning
And we are off! The first event of the NSPLs tenth season is now well underway with 17 teams in attendance at UCZ Paintball Park. 37 rounds of intense tournament paintball will be played out on two sup-air fields throughout the day. We will be publishing scores, news, photos and more right here - so check back often for all the latest details.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 10:38

BUY Eden Designs
PB Warehouse Supporting
Support from our sponsors is always important to ensuring a great atmosphere at NSPL events and providing the players with all the equipment they need throughout the day. Today, PB Warehouse is supporting the NSPL with the help of Eve from Eden Designs and her fantastic collection of custom headbands.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 10:48

Score Board Updates
You've probably already spotted them, but scores are rolling in thick and fast. As we get the scoresheets here at the NSPL Admin unit, we're posting them directly to this web cast so you can keep 100% up to date with how all the competing teams are faring. Remember to refresh your page for the latest scores.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 10:54

Snatch walk the Field
Early Leaders
We are around about 3 rounds in to the event and some early leaders are already starting to show through on the scoreboard.

Division two is a two horse race between Team Kinetic and Snatch (pictured) with both teams on 6 game points each and 6 ED too.

Divisions Three and Four are playing together today and we have three teams in the running at the moment: Cool As Ice, London Hazard, Care Bears Bravo with Cool As Ice just in the lead.

The KotH Division is being dominated by Scraesdon Warriors at the moment, but its early days and anything can happen as the event progresses.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 11:37

Battling the Elements
It Just Wouldn't be Devon...
...if it didn't rain! :)

The first of the day's Heavy Showers arrived over the fields of UCZ about a half hour ago and have churned up the field enough to give us a traditionally muddy day in Devon.

But blue skies are peaking through again now and the unsettled weather is due to blow over just after lunch. The NSPL marches on through it all.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 11:59

Almost Halfway
The fourth round of game scores are now coming in which means we are almost half way through the first NSPL event of this year already!

In Division 2, Snatch are pulling away from the pack with four straight wins now beneath their belts.

In Division 3 and 4, London Hazard and Care Bears Bravo have put in a good morning performance with three wins each whereas Cool As Ice have lost one and have their fourth score to come in still.

The KotH teams seem to be really enjoying themselves, getting really stuck in to each other. Mindful Violence have pulled out some excellent results and are now snapping at the heals of Scraesdon Warriors.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 12:17

Second Half
Just in time for the afternoon session to begin, the sun is shining again over South Devon. Time for the teams to shake off that lunch-time lull and gear up for another session of quick games here at the first Round of the NSPL.

Stay tuned for all the results as the day moves towards its conclusion and the results begin to materialise.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 13:16

Bristol Addiction
Close Group
Division 3 and 4 is making for a close group as we currently have three teams on 12 game points... Cool As Ice, London Hazard, and Care Bears Bravo. Its great to see newcomers London Hazard at the top of this group. Just behind those three we have UWE Underdogs on 11 game points. Its certainly making for a close, exciting division.

Division two is still looking like a Snatch are going to run away with it whilst the KotH division is seeing some changes as Mindful Violence win against Scraesdon Warriors to take the lead.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 14:08

Windy City
The expected high winds have arrived in abundance and games slowed down a little whilst the refs battle to keep the fields standing. Normal service will resume shortly! :)

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 14:39

Chrono Time
Almost There
The final rounds of paintball are now being played at this, the first round of the NSPL 2009.

The KotH Division is now all done and Scraesdon Warriors have done enough to come out on top in the end with Mindful Violence in a close second.

All the final results will be posted up live as they come in, so check back shortly to see who the end-of-event scoreboard stands up.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009 15:35

Ref Head Cam
The End of the Beginning
The first round of the NSPLs tenth anniversary year has come to a close. Despite all that the elements could throw at us, everyone had a fantastic day and we all got to enjoy some great competition paintball.

Congratulations to all those teams taking home silverware today, in particular Snatch, Cool As Ice and Scraesdon Warriors for winning the Div 2, Div 3/4, and the KotH Division respectively.

The full results are now shown on this web page and will shortly be published on the forums. We also hope to bring you some Headcam footage from a Ref's POW, but the weather played havoc with the cameras, so we're not promising a Speilberg production with that one! See you all for the next one on April 5th at our popular Reading NSPL venue.

Date: Monday 9th March 2009 12:32


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